Maxon Logo
Art Direction​​​​​​​
I was invited by Tendril Studio to art direct a launch film and animated logo celebrating Maxon's newly minted corporate identity and the unification of Cinema 4D , Red Giant and Redshift. 
The film was unveiled during the keynote at Maxon's 3D and Motion Design Show and will be included across Maxon's brand communications going forward.
Read more about the concept and creative process here

Production Company- Tendril Studio | Creative Director - Nidia Dias | Art Direction - Rita Louro | Executive Producer - Mary Anne Ledesma | Producer - Emily McCallen | Design & Exploration - Aleks Liubas , Philip Lueck | Animation - Franz Ferdinand Kubin, Will Sharkey | Light, Render and Composition - Yeseong Kim | Compositing - Corey Larson | Music + Sound Design - Juergan Branz
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